Should you lend in areas with fracking?

One need not be an opponent of fracking to recognize that this presents a threat to the industry. For instance, a spike of a rare form of cancer has cropped up in southwestern Pennsylvania recently.

Our most important natural areas should be kept off limits. Federal officials should ban fracking on our public lands, including national parks, national forests, and sources of drinking water. The oil and gas industry – not taxpayers, communities or families – should pay the costs of damage caused by fracking.

Water supplies in areas where fracking has recently taken place have tended to show an increased amount of dangerous chemicals. This is because the water that is used in fracking, although most of it is collected, can seep through the earth and end up in reservoirs, the sea and other bodies of water. From there, it can harm the ecosystem. 3.

AUBURN HILLS >> A recent city council meeting in Auburn Hills saw a packed house of residents concerned about the future of their community as a result of increased prospecting by gas and oil.

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These areas include parts of the central and eastern United States. but he also said Friday that "voters should have a say" in whether to allow fracking locally. In May, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled against front range municipalities efforts to limit oil and gas.

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Fracking: What Is It and How Will It Affect You? Those most involved in the study and procedures of fracking are geologists as it concerns natural processes of the ground beneath our feet – the soil and rock formations and of course the fossil fuels that organisations and governments wish to exploit.

Most opposition to fracking is concentrated in areas where it is proposed. Only 10 per cent of people would be happy to see it in their area, while around two thirds of people would prefer to live next to a wind farm than a fracking site. If the Government does open up more of England and Wales to fracking, expect opposition to grow.

Climate Progress reported that each fracking job requires several million gallons of water, of which only around a quarter is being recovered. The remainder is just lost for ever. In water stressed areas such as the US Southern States (like Texas or New Mexico), this is not only foolish, it is downright self-destructive. 4.